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To be eligible for our programs the child must be a pediatric cancer patient receiving active treatment (chemo/radiation/BMT) at a hospital located in Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio at the time of application. All gifts MUST be music or art-related and age appropriate. The gift should provide a therapeutic benefit to your child.  There are no exceptions on the active treatment status. We would love to serve kids of all treatment statuses and from all states, but unfortunately, we are a newer, growing nonprofit and must be able to sustain and support the kids in our service region before we can offer any expansions.

A member of Bree's Blessings will contact you within 1 week after receiving your application and provide the required documentation needed to complete your request. We have a verification form that is required to be completed by a medical professional prior to your child being enrolled in our programs.  We are happy to assist in any way possible! Most social workers are already familiar with us and the process. 

By submitting this form, you agree that all information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. 

Thank you for your interest and we cannot wait to bless your child with a gift! 

Verification of treatment is required. Verification is only required once unless the end of treatment date extends beyond what was provided on the original form. 


Apply for a Wish Gift and/or Blessings Box

The following best describes my child:
If we have a question about the gift, what is the best way to reach you?
Does your child suffer from any of the following as a result of their cancer diagnosis? Check all that apply.
Are you interested in Blessings Boxes? (a themed box containing age appropriate therapuetic crafts mailed to your child every 2 months).
Would you be willing to share a photo of your child with their wish gift(s) once they recieve it? Our board members love to see them! We will not share the photo online or anywhere else unless you sign consent to do so below.

Do you give us permission to share your child's photo outside of our organization? IF so, THANK YOU!!  Please check the box below and sign the consent form. This helps us tremendously when applying for grants and when seeking donors/sponsors to support our mission. This will help ensure that we have the means to support as many kids as possible.

If not, we totally understand and will respect your privacy. Please skip the check box and do not sign below. 

Which option best describes your child?
Which option best describes your household income? This helps us when applying for grants and will not effect your eligibility.
Which of the following best describes your child?
Is anyone in the household a veteran?

Thank you for your submission! Be on the lookout for an email with the next steps!

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