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This boy wanted an iPod touch. We blessed him with the newest model - 128gb. 
This young man wanted an electric guitar. He received the guitar, amp, and accessories and was beyond thrilled! 
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This lil guy requested quite possibly the coolest gift ever - Tickets to see the Broadway production of The Lion King! 
Beats are always a popular choice among teens. She was delighted to receive her gold Beats! 
He has a strong interest in graphic design. We got him a digital drawing tablet! 
This sweet girl's smile says it all! She was so thrilled to receive her gifts while she was in the hospital. 
His request - AirPods! He was so excited to receive them! 

Matthew is currently battling his 3rd battle with cancer and facing his 2nd Bone Marrow Transplant. He wanted Beats headphones. 

This young man wanted an acoustic guitar and we were thrilled to provide it for him. That smile is amazing! Music is powerful! 
These were created by a young lady in Ohio currently in treatment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She requested watercolor supplies. We sent her professional supplies and this is what she created with them. Art is therapeutic! 

This young lady had just signed up for a high school photography class but was then diagnosed with cancer. We were happy to provide her with a new camera so she could pursue her passion for photography. 


This little guy requested art supplies and a Kindle Fire. His treatments were expected to last close to one year. 

This little boy is currently in active treatment for his cancer. While inpatient, he enjoys working with the music therapist. His special request was for a nice ukulele like the music therapist uses. We purchased a nice Flea Ukulele from True Joy Acoustics in Ohio. It is durable, holds tune well, and can easily be wiped down to keep it germ-free. The best part is True Joy Acoustics uses their profits to supply the children's hospitals with high-quality ukeleles. 
Amelia has been inpatient a lot due to her treatments. We met her during a hospital delivery. Her special request was a Canon T6 with the lens kit. She was so thrilled to receive it! She is very artistic and musical. It was a pleasure to meet her. 

Gage is currently in treatment for his cancer. He enjoys listening to music and requested Beats headphones. We were happy to help him through his journey. 


Aleigha requested designer makeup for her wish gift. She is nearly finished with treatments for her cancer. 

When preparing for our upcoming fundraiser, we went to the students in Scottsburg High Schools Advanced art classes. This lady was our grand prize winner and was awarded $100 for her design. Congratulations! 
This little girl enjoys playing the piano. When she's in the hospital she misses it badly. Her special request was for an electronic keyboard. It has brought pure joy to her days. 
Hospital Deliveries 

Our first hospital deliveries in September 2018. 

Some of the ukuleles created during our Ukulele Builder Workshop with the Cancer Beats program at Norton Children's Hospital. We sponsored the event and purchased the ukulele kits. We had a great turn out!